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The world is rapidly changing, but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun!  Join us virtually or in person for a private party.  We are happy to host a variety of events:  Girls Night, Date Night, Birthday Parties (All Ages), Sorority Events, Fundraisers, Social Groups and you can event book a private party JUST BECAUSE! Still have questions?  Call or text 678-887-9743. Thank you!

**Please note, due to a large volume of inquiries,  limited staffing and various safety protocols, all of our paint parties are currently self-guided.  That means that each guest can select their own painting from our website during the registration process.  When they arrive, all of their supplies including an outlined canvas will be provided. We have determined that this is the best experience for us and our guests in todays climate.  Guidance and help with paintings will be provided.  

You can see our booking avalibility calendar here.

  1. How much does it cost to host a party?
    Adults:  $34.99/pp+ shipping (see sample event registration form)
    Kids: $29.99/pp+ shipping (see sample event registration form)

    There is a 15 person or $525 minimum spend for private parties


  2. What is included in the price of each ticket?
    Live online or in person step-by-step instructions, a pre-sketched canvas, 3 brushes & Acrylic Paint. 


  3. Do you ship?
    Yes, we ship everywhere in the U.S.  Shipping costs are $14.99/pp. We ship 2 day priority mail from our studio in Mableton GA. Shipping times may need to be extended due to pandemic related
    shipping delays.  


  4. Can I get a discount if I have my own supplies?
    No - unless the class specifically states "get your own supplies". We have very specific sketches that we do for our events - it's much easier if you follow along with the class.  We do occasionally
    make exceptions based on unique circumstances. 


  5. How do I book an event?
    Visit our BOOK YOUR EVENT page and look for AVAILABLE dates.   Reserve your desired event by booking 1 ticket. Please carefully fill out your form after you have made a decision about the art choice for your party.  The shipping deadline for your event will be listed in your event info.  If your desired date/time isn't available,  text us at 678-887-9743 for info.


  6. How will my guests register for my event?
    Once you have done step 5 above, we will create your event registration link with your chosen event name and image (within 8 hours).  You can then return to our website, click on your event and copy the url in the search bar.  That is the link that you will send to your guests to register. 


  7. Is there a minimum number of guests required to book a private
     Yes.  At least 15 guests are required to book a private party.  Alternatively, you can pay for 15 guests and just to reserve the time even if not that many people will be at your event.  


  8. Do you host fundraisers & how does it work?
    Yes, we host several fundraisers a year.  We essentially add the desired fundraiser amount on top of our core ticket price. We payout the funds raised within 2 business days of the event. Example:  Core price - $34.99 + $10/pp for the fundraiser would make the tickets $44.99 a piece.  The customer decides how much each ticket should be beyond our core price.  Call us for more information.


  9. Is outside food and drink allowed in the venue?
    Yes, Wine isn't included in the event pricing but guests can BYOB and food. We have 6 ft tables available for food/catering/drink.  Please bring your own tablecloths and be prepared to clean
    up any food spillage.


  10. What is the maximum number of guests for a virtual event?
    Right now 200 people is the maximum.  Text or call us if you'd like to host an event with over with over 200 people, we are happy to discuss your event needs and can accommodate larger groups.


  11. How far in advance should/can I book my event?
    We book on a first-come, first serve basis.  Even if you are undecided about your image - we recommend booking/reserving your event if you are positive you would like us to host it.  


  12. What kind of music is played during the classes?
    Mostly Jazz or Neo-Soul is played.  We use Spotify.  If you have a particular playlist you'd like to hear, you can email it to us at  We also allow live DJ's
    as well if that is your preference (at your own cost).  We can recommend a few, and of course a live dj will be an additional charge. Please note - the artist is not a DJ - while we do our best provide a pleasant experience, if you have very particular music needs, please consider hiring a DJ. 


  13. What's the youngest age you teach?  Do you do kids events?
    We teach all ages - we will help you choose an age appropriate painting for children's classes.  


  14. What artwork choices do you have?  
    Visit our Artwork Page


  15. Do you host company events?
    Yes, all the time - give us a call to discuss specifics if you have a request outside of the above processes.  If not, company events work the same as our private events. 


  16. Can I see photos from past events?
    Yes, the example on this page is one of the creative ways you can enjoy one of our virtual paint
    parties at home.  You can also visit our
    Instagram page.  You can also follow us on Youtube.


  17. What if I want custom art work for my class?
    You certainly can request a custom painting for your class if you do not see anything in our catalog that you like.  We charge a $50 one-time fee to produce custom/new artwork for your class.   


  18. How long are the classes
    Classes typically run a hour and a half.  Some more detailed paintings take a little longer - max 2 hours.


  19. Can we plan a virtual event around a paint class?
    We do allow company's, groups & organizations to use our zoom account if they have a presentation or virtual event that needs to smoothly transition into a paint class.  Give us a call to discuss coordination and co-hosting capabilities.


  20. Can family and friends that didn't pay for the class join the zoom meeting?

    We understand that many people are celebrating special events with our virtual paint classes.  We respectfully ask that "pop-ins" be kept to a minimum.  If guests need to pop on to say hello or happy birthday, that's just fine  - but we do ask that visits be kept to a minimum and if folks want to take the class, they purchase a ticket.  All ages and demographics are welcome!

  21. What happens if I missed my scheduled virtual class?
    If you  miss your scheduled virtual class, you will be issued a class credit to join the class next time it is hosted live.  On occasion, we have previous recordings of the class that we will send as a courtesy.  All classes are hosted EASTERN STANDARD TIME.  Please keep this in mind when planning your private party, as we often have guests join us from all over the country. 


  22. I have more questions - what do I do?
    Call or text us at 678-887-9743 or chat with us/email us at brushed.

    We look forward to working with you to have a lovely paint & sip experience!

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