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Are they jean?  Are the covered in fabric?  No, these unique beauties are hand sculpted with white and pearlized baby blue clay.  Grab these babies so you can upgrade your jean wardrobe pieces or wear them as a standalone statement piece.  Our “Billy Jean” earrings are hand-molded, baked and assembled in our studio. Each piece is unique and made to order.  Add “Braided Billy Jean” to your wearable art collection today.


  • Every item we sell is a made-to-order work of art and we do not offer refunds or exchanges.  Please contact us about rental services if are simply looking to rent our pieces.  Should your product be damaged in shipping or otherwise (we hope not), we do offer repair services. 

  • Our handcrafted items are carefully inspected, but some do incorporate natural and delicate materials.  Please do treat your purchases like the work of art that they are.  Do not thrown them in your “jewelry pile”.  These pieces can and will last a lifetime if cared for.  Wipe down with a damp cloth if needed and store in a cool dry place – especially if they are hand painted. 

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